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Newsletter - Santa Cruz VOTER

The Santa Cruz Voter newsletter is published regularly by the League of Women Voters of Santa Cruz County.

Links to current and recent past issues of the Santa Cruz VOTER are listed below.

Santa Cruz VOTER - December 2017 Attend our National Program Planning meeting in January and read the reports of our forums on human trafficking and juvenile justice.

Santa Cruz VOTER - November 2017 Learn about Juvenile Justice in Santa Cruz County on November 4 and read about how opioid use has failed patients.

Santa Cruz VOTER - October 2017 Learn about community solutions to the opioid epidemic on Sunday, October 1 and human trafficking on Saturday, October 7. Download and share the flier for our program on juvenile justice coming up on Saturday, November 4.

Santa Cruz VOTER - August 2017 Mark your calendar for the October 7 forum on human trafficking; learn what's happening in today's libraries; and find out what happened at our state convention.

Santa Cruz VOTER - May 2017 RSVP to our annual meeting with featured speaker Susan Nemitz, SC Public Libraries Director and read about recovering from substance use disorders.

Santa Cruz VOTER - April 2017 Gain understanding of Substance Use Disorders and read about smart strategies for adapting to sea level rise.

Santa Cruz VOTER - February/March 2017 Mark your calendar for Local Program Planning and Sea Level Rise Consensus Meeting.

Santa Cruz VOTER - January 2017 State Program Planning, transportation study report, stop voter suppression, and affirm reproductive rights.

Santa Cruz VOTER - November/December 2016 Participate in our Transportation Study Consensus meeting and brunch on December 9 and join our Sea Level Rise Study Committee.

Santa Cruz VOTER - October 2016 Attend three upcoming events: Pros & Cons on state ballot measures, a silent film on women in politics, and a voting rights documentary. Learn about local Measure D. And finally, Vote with the League on state propositions.

Santa Cruz VOTER - September 2016 Attend the League's Pros & Cons meetings on state and local ballot measures, volunteer to register voters and join our local study committees.

Santa Cruz VOTER - July 2016 Volunteer to register voters; read about Money in Politics, our voter services, and our annual meeting.

Santa Cruz VOTER - May 2016 Attend the Money in Politics meeting, read about equal pay efforts, interview with Senator Monning, Library bond, and RSVP for June's annual meeting.

Santa Cruz VOTER - April 2016 In this issue of the VOTER: Celebrate equal pay, help educate voters, learn about affordable housing.

Santa Cruz VOTER - March 2016 Attend this month's local program planning meeting and affordable housing talk; read about better governance in California and solutions to drug and alcohol issues; and volunteer to help with voter service.

Santa Cruz VOTER - February 2016 Attend the League's Anniversary celebration on February 21 and read a summary of our Climate Change and the California Coast forum.

Santa Cruz VOTER - December 2015 Mark your calendar for our January 10 climate change program; read about electoral reform; RSVP for our February Luncheon.

Santa Cruz VOTER - October 2015 Attend our November meeting on electoral reform, learn about election updates, and decide what you think should be done about drugs in our community.

Santa Cruz VOTER - September 2015 Attend Re-Energizing the Vote on September 15; volunteer to register voters; and read Part Two of our Drug and Alcohol Forum Report.