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Newsletter - Santa Cruz VOTER

The Santa Cruz Voter newsletter is published regularly by the League of Women Voters of Santa Cruz County.

Links to current and recent past issues of the Santa Cruz VOTER are listed below.

Santa Cruz VOTER - November 2017 Learn about Juvenile Justice in Santa Cruz County on November 4 and read about how opioid use has failed patients.

Santa Cruz VOTER - October 2017 Learn about community solutions to the opioid epidemic on Sunday, October 1 and human trafficking on Saturday, October 7. Download and share the flier for our program on juvenile justice coming up on Saturday, November 4.

Santa Cruz VOTER - August 2017 Mark your calendar for the October 7 forum on human trafficking; learn what's happening in today's libraries; and find out what happened at our state convention.

Santa Cruz VOTER - May 2017 RSVP to our annual meeting with featured speaker Susan Nemitz, SC Public Libraries Director and read about recovering from substance use disorders.

Santa Cruz VOTER - April 2017 Gain understanding of Substance Use Disorders and read about smart strategies for adapting to sea level rise.

Santa Cruz VOTER - February/March 2017 Mark your calendar for Local Program Planning and Sea Level Rise Consensus Meeting.

Santa Cruz VOTER - January 2017 State Program Planning, transportation study report, stop voter suppression, and affirm reproductive rights.

Santa Cruz VOTER - November/December 2016 Participate in our Transportation Study Consensus meeting and brunch on December 9 and join our Sea Level Rise Study Committee.

Santa Cruz VOTER - October 2016 Attend three upcoming events: Pros & Cons on state ballot measures, a silent film on women in politics, and a voting rights documentary. Learn about local Measure D. And finally, Vote with the League on state propositions.

Santa Cruz VOTER - September 2016 Attend the League's Pros & Cons meetings on state and local ballot measures, volunteer to register voters and join our local study committees.

Santa Cruz VOTER - July 2016 Volunteer to register voters; read about Money in Politics, our voter services, and our annual meeting.

Santa Cruz VOTER - May 2016 Attend the Money in Politics meeting, read about equal pay efforts, interview with Senator Monning, Library bond, and RSVP for June's annual meeting.

Santa Cruz VOTER - April 2016 In this issue of the VOTER: Celebrate equal pay, help educate voters, learn about affordable housing.

Santa Cruz VOTER - March 2016 Attend this month's local program planning meeting and affordable housing talk; read about better governance in California and solutions to drug and alcohol issues; and volunteer to help with voter service.

Santa Cruz VOTER - February 2016 Attend the League's Anniversary celebration on February 21 and read a summary of our Climate Change and the California Coast forum.

Santa Cruz VOTER - December 2015 Mark your calendar for our January 10 climate change program; read about electoral reform; RSVP for our February Luncheon.

Santa Cruz VOTER - October 2015 Attend our November meeting on electoral reform, learn about election updates, and decide what you think should be done about drugs in our community.

Santa Cruz VOTER - September 2015 Attend Re-Energizing the Vote on September 15; volunteer to register voters; and read Part Two of our Drug and Alcohol Forum Report.

Santa Cruz VOTER - August 2015 Mark your calendar for our September 15 meeting on Election Reform; read a summary of our panel discussion on the effects of drugs and alcohol in our community; and enjoy the story of the founding of our local League 50 years ago.

Santa Cruz VOTER - June 2015 Attend our 50th Annual Meeting on June 6 with featured speaker Robley Levy, founding president of our League and read about our achievements this past year.

Santa Cruz VOTER - May 2015 Attend our May 5 forum on Responding to Drug and Alcohol Disorders in Our Community and mark your calendar for our June 6 Annual Meeting.

Santa Cruz VOTER - April 2015 Learn about Santa Cruz City's water supply on April 9 and mark your calendar for the May 5 evening forum on addiction disorders.

Santa Cruz VOTER - March 2015 Attend our March 3 local Program Planning meeting and mark your calendar to hear the Santa Cruz City Water Director talk about water supply on April 9.

Santa Cruz VOTER - February 2015 Make reservations and attend our local League's 50th Anniversary Celebration on Sunday, February 22 with keynote speaker The Honorable John Laird, State Secretary of Natural Resources.

Santa Cruz VOTER - January 2015 Participate in State Program Planning January 28 and mark your calendars for our 50th Anniversary Celebration fundraiser February 22.

Santa Cruz VOTER - November 2014 Join the discussion of the County's newly-released Draft Strategic Plan for Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Prevention Services.

Santa Cruz VOTER - October 2014 Attend the League's presentation of the Pros & Cons of the ballot measures on October 15 and read a summary of our meeting on substance abuse prevention and treatment.

Santa Cruz VOTER - September 2014 Attend our September 9 meeting on substance abuse and participate in upcoming Voter Service opportunities.

Santa Cruz VOTER - July 2014 In this VOTER: LWVSCC president wraps up the past year and looks to our September meeting; learn about League advocacy and water concerns; review our recent voter service events.

Santa Cruz VOTER - May 2014 Attend the May voter service workshop and the sheriff candidates forum, RSVP for the June annual meeting, find out what our legislators think about current events, and learn more about the June election.

Santa Cruz VOTER - April 2014 Attend our April 30 meeting and learn about the prospects and problems facing Soquel Creek Water District, and read our report on homelessness.

Santa Cruz VOTER - March 2014 Learn about services for homeless individuals and families at our March 11 BYO lunch meeting and read our report on the Monterey Bay Rail/Trail Project.

Santa Cruz VOTER - February 2014 Plan to attend our February Valentine Luncheon to learn about plans for rail service and a scenic trail in Santa Cruz County, support the Voting Rights Act Amendment, and put our March meeting on your calendar.

Santa Cruz VOTER - December 2013 Attend the League's Program Planning Meeting on January 7. read about the future of the Santa Cruz Library System, and learn about plans for the Monterey Bay Sactuary Scenic Trail Network at our February 9 luncheon fundraiser.

Santa Cruz VOTER - October 2013 Read about our September public safety meeting, keeping in touch with SC Police, National Voter Registration Day, the LWVC convention, and the results of the Initiative & Referendum study.

Santa Cruz VOTER - September 2013 Join us at our Community Safety luncheon, help with voter registration, and read about last June's annual meeting.

Santa Cruz VOTER - May/June 2013 Attend the League's Annual Meeting on June 1 with keynote speaker Gary A. Patton on the topic: UCSC Expansion--Community Benefit or Burden? Download the Annual Meeting Kit and bring it to the Annual Meeting.

Santa Cruz VOTER - April 2013 Consider attending the State Convention in San Jose, May 17 to May 19. Plan to attend the local program planning meeting on April 10, the Emergency Center Tour on May 1, and our annual LWVSCC meeting on June 1.

Santa Cruz VOTER - February 2013 RSVP now for our February 10 Luncheon with UCSC Chancellor Blumenthal. Plan to attend the second Initiative and Referendum meeting on February 28.

Santa Cruz VOTER--January 2013 Plan to attend the January consensus meeting on initiatives and referendums; we announce our annual Valentine lunch and fundraiser with UCSC Chancellor George Blumenthal; read the report on our November lunch with author Mark Paul.

Santa Cruz VOTER - November 2012 November 15 lunch with author Mark Paul, LWVSCC registers voters, and LWVC ballot recommendations.

Santa Cruz VOTER - October 2012 Pro and con information on ballot measures to be presented in Aptos on October 4, LWVSCC board votes to support school bond measures. Read our report on Giang Nguyen's Affordable Care Act update at our September luncheon.

Santa Cruz Voter - August/September 2012 Join us for Lunch with County Health Services Agency Director Giang Nguyen on September 12 to discuss the Affordable Care Act. Find out about the League recommendations for November ballot measures and September voter registration activities.

Santa Cruz Voter - June/July 2012 Read a report of our annual meeting and welcome our new Board of Directors for the coming year. Learn about the League's new LWVUS Education position and join the new study of California's Initiative and Referendum process.

Santa Cruz Voter - May 2012 Attend the League's Pros & Cons of the June ballot measures on May 10 where we will also learn about the new Top Two Open Primary System. Then look for the announcement of our League's Annual Meeting on June 2 and find the link to the Annual Meeting Kit.

Santa Cruz Voter - April 2012 Attend the League's luncheon meeting on April 26 with Heath Services Agency Director Giang Nguyen, RN MSN and retired HSA Director Rama Khalsa, Ph.D. speaking on the status of health care in Santa Cruz County. Reservations required. For more information, download this flyer.

Santa Cruz Voter - March 2012 League members are encouraged to attend our upcoming Local Program Planning meeting on March 15 and participate in developing next year's activities. Find out how the rules have changed for Primary Elections.

Santa Cruz Voter - February 2012 Attend the League's Valentine Luncheon and Silent Auction fundraiser on February 12 with guest speaker County Administrative Officer Susan Mauriello on the topic: "Open Your Hearts and Minds to Prison Realignment."

Santa Cruz Voter - January 2012 Participate in National League Program Planning on January 12 and save the date of February 12 for our local League's Valentine luncheon and silent auction fundraiser.

Santa Cruz Voter - November/December 2011 Attend our luncheon November 19 with guest speaker County Auditor-Controller Mary Jo Walker on the topic: The State of the County's Financial Condition.

Santa Cruz Voter - October 2011 League members to participate in two local consensus meetings, October 14 & 28, on the LWVUS study of the Role of the Federal Government in Public Education.

Santa Cruz Voter - September 2011 Attend our luncheon September 16 to kick-off the national League study of the Role of the Federal Government in Public Education.

Santa Cruz Voter - April/May 2011 Attend our public debate: Desalination vs. Alternatives on April 14 and our Annual Meeting on May 21.

Santa Cruz Voter - January/February 2011 Participate in State League Program Planning on January 20 and celebrate the centennial of California women winning the right to vote at our luncheon on February 12.

Santa Cruz Voter - November/December 2010 See our recommendations on the Ballot Measures and Vote with the League on November 2. Attend our Hot Topics Lunch on a Climate Action Plan on November 6.

Santa Cruz Voter - October 2010 Attend Pros & Cons on the November ballot measures on October 14. Make reservations now for Lunch with the League with guest speaker on November 6 at the Museum of Art and History.

Santa Cruz Voter - September 2010 Mad As Hell Doctors advocate for single payer health care on September 27.

Santa Cruz Voter - May/June 2010 Local Program Planning on April 27, Climate Change speaker Michele Whizin on May 20, and League Annual Meeting on June 12.

Santa Cruz Voter - March/April 2010 Discuss potential funding options for alternative transportation with County Treasurer Fed Keeley on March 25 and participate in League local program planning on April 27.

Santa Cruz Voter - February 2010 We celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the League of Women Voters of the United States. Cynthia Mathews, Santa Cruz City Council Member and former Mayor, will speak on "The Woman Who Marched with the Suffragists."

Santa Cruz Voter - December 2009/January 2010 We're gathering together on December 11 for a Holiday Membership Celebration and looking ahead to National Program Planning on January 26.

Santa Cruz Voter - October/November 2009 "Redistricting 101--How Reform is Going to Work" Trudy Schafer, Senior Director of Program for the League of Women Voters of California since 1997 will describe what is happening with Proposition 11 as we move towards reform.

Santa Cruz Voter - September 2009 The League of Women Voters of Santa Cruz County publishes its first electronic VOTER newsletter.