Making Democracy Work

Transportation Positions

League positions on Transportation were originally adopted in 1986, amended in 2016 and are reviewed annually.

The League of Women Voters of Santa Cruz County recommends:

1. The Santa Cruz County Transportation Commission should study and recommend routes and priorities to CalTrans.

2. Support of optimal land use in building roads.

3. Support of exploration of alternate modes of transportation.

4. Support of inter-jurisdictional cooperation in matters related to transportation policies, standards, and objectives.

5. The Regional Transportation Plan should stress the importance of public transportation, but also should include adequate road improvements. It should provide:

a. Better transportation services to regional airports,
b. Reduction of congestion on Highway 17 and Highway 1,
c. Increased use of public transit,
d. Support for the County's acquisition of the rail right of way from Davenport to Watsonville for use in the public transit system,
e. More Park and Ride lots.

6. Transportation should be adequately financed.

7. The Santa Cruz County Transportation Commission (SCCTC) should represent all areas in the county.

8. Support reduced metropolitan bus fare at half or less of the adult fare for persons age 5-18, with monthly passes valid every day, not limited to weekdays.

9. The public should be involved in the decision-making process. We support a citizen advisory panel, use of direct mail to inform the public, published agendas and public hearings at convenient times and places.