Making Democracy Work

Library Service Positions

League positions on Library Service were originally adopted in 1994 and are reviewed annually.

The League of Women Voters of Santa Cruz County supports free public libraries as a basic service of government supported by effective funding.

We support free access by all persons to public library service as a means for lifelong learning, and as a major source of knowledge and information necessary for informed, active participation in a democratic society. The League supports:

1. Public library service as a basic service of government. It is the responsibility of state and local governments (city and county) to be the primary sources of funding for public libraries. Special districts are an appropriate additional funding mechanism.

2. Maintaining and/or improving library service, including providing different services at different branches. A branch library system and library services available seven days a week.

3. Maximum use of volunteers in the public library system.

4. Cooperation among public libraries in Santa Cruz County and also between public libraries and schools.

5. Cooperative systems and library networks such as MOBAC (The Monterey Bay Cooperative Library System) when they are both service- and cost-effective.