Making Democracy Work

Land Use Positions

League positions on Land Use were originally adopted in 1970, amended in 2017, and are reviewed annually.

The League of Women Voters of Santa Cruz County supports a Santa Cruz County general plan that promotes orderly growth, preservation of aesthetic values, and conservation of natural resources and assets unique to the County. Specifically:

1. General Plan:

The Plan should be reviewed periodically by a citizens' committee. Major changes should be made only upon recommendation of the citizens' committee, with the assistance of the Planning Department.

2. Conservation:

a. Agriculture: We support conservation of agricultural soils through zoning, ordinance, or other means. The economic well being of the owner should be considered.

b. Open Space: We support preservation of green belts between communities and conservation of areas for protection and enhancement of wildlife.

c. Mountain Lands: Hill and mountain areas, watershed lands and flood plains should be protected from erosion and pollution. Ordinances should be enacted which set high standards for land division, grading, logging, water quality, sewage disposal, and wildlife protection, and which prevent erosion and pollution.

d. Coastal Lands: Support implementation of a plan consistent with principles stated above in the opening statement on land use.

e. Climate Change: We support local government efforts to promote adaptation to climate change and sea level rise.