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Education Positions

League positions on Education were originally adopted in 1968, reviewed annually and updated in 2005.

In order to foster a system of education designed to meet the educational needs of all children in Santa Cruz County, the League of Women Voters of Santa Cruz County supports the following programs and policies:

1. Adequate financing, carefully managed; and, in the absence of alternative sources of revenue, raised through presently available methods, state and federal funds used to the maximum, within the limits of the community resources.

2. Adequate administrative assistance to insure effective and efficient operation of school districts, coordination of educational programs, and long-range planning.

3. Competitive teachers' salaries, incentives, and a favorable educational climate in both the school systems and the community.

4. The development of a program of educational excellence in accordance with fiscal responsibility as the primary concern of school district Boards of Trustees.

5. Specialized education programs and projects as needed for the maximum development of each child, such as the educationally, mentally, and physically handicapped; the creative; the emotionally handicapped; those with communicative impairment; those whose basic language is other than English; and the gifted.

6. Continuing collaboration and involvement of all members of the educational community (Board of Trustees, administrators, teachers, other school personnel, citizens, community study and advisory committees, and students, as appropriate) in planning, implementation and evaluation of school program and finances.

7. Pertinent statistical and educational information, located in each district office, and readily available to interested citizens.

8. Charter Schools. Support of Charter Schools if they meet our current Education position and if ADA of home schooled children in Charter Schools is adequately verified. (Revised 2005)