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Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Issues of the Santa Cruz VOTER

Santa Cruz VOTER - Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Issues

Links to fiscal year 2016-2017 issues of the Santa Cruz VOTER are listed below.

Santa Cruz VOTER - May 2017 RSVP to our annual meeting with featured speaker Susan Nemitz, SC Public Libraries Director and read about recovering from substance use disorders.

Santa Cruz VOTER - April 2017 Gain understanding of Substance Use Disorders and read about smart strategies for adapting to sea level rise.

Santa Cruz VOTER - February/March 2017 Mark your calendar for Local Program Planning and Sea Level Rise Consensus Meeting.

Santa Cruz VOTER - January 2017 State Program Planning, transportation study report, stop voter suppression, and affirm reproductive rights.

Santa Cruz VOTER - November/December 2016 Participate in our Transportation Study Consensus meeting and brunch on December 9 and join our Sea Level Rise Study Committee.

Santa Cruz VOTER - October 2016 Attend three upcoming events: Pros & Cons on state ballot measures, a silent film on women in politics, and a voting rights documentary. Learn about local Measure D. And finally, Vote with the League on state propositions.

Santa Cruz VOTER - September 2016 Attend the League's Pros & Cons meetings on state and local ballot measures, volunteer to register voters and join our local study committees.

Santa Cruz VOTER - July 2016 Volunteer to register voters; read about Money in Politics, our voter services, and our annual meeting.