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Fiscal Year 2012-2013 issues of the Santa Cruz VOTER

Santa Cruz VOTER - Fiscal Year 2012-2013 Issues

Links to fiscal year 2012-2013 issues of the Santa Cruz VOTER are listed below.

Santa Cruz VOTER - May/June 2013 Attend the League's Annual Meeting on June 1 with keynote speaker Gary A. Patton on the topic: UCSC Expansion--Community Benefit or Burden? Download the Annual Meeting Kit and bring it to the Annual Meeting.

Santa Cruz VOTER - April 2013 Consider attending the State Convention in San Jose, May 17 to May 19. Plan to attend the local program planning meeting on April 10, the Emergency Center Tour on May 1, and our annual LWVSCC meeting on June 1.

Santa Cruz VOTER - February 2013 RSVP now for our February 10 Luncheon with UCSC Chancellor Blumenthal. Plan to attend the second Initiative and Referendum meeting on February 28.

Santa Cruz VOTER - January 2013 Plan to attend the January consensus meeting on initiatives and referendums; we announce our annual Valentine lunch and fundraiser with UCSC Chancellor George Blumenthal; read the report on our November lunch with author Mark Paul.

Santa Cruz VOTER - November 2012 November 15 lunch with author Mark Paul, LWVSCC registers voters, and LWVC ballot recommendations.

Santa Cruz VOTER - October 2012 Pro and con information on ballot measures to be presented in Aptos on October 4, LWVSCC board votes to support school bond measures. Read our report on Giang Nguyen's Affordable Care Act update at our September luncheon.

Santa Cruz VOTER - August/September 2012 Join us for Lunch with County Health Services Agency Director Giang Nguyen on September 12 to discuss the Affordable Care Act. Find out about the League recommendations for November ballot measures and September voter registration activities.